Haunted House/Attraction East Dundee 60118 Nightmare from North St.

Enter The Realm of Nightmares

This Nightmare is real, think you can Escape The Nightmare? Coming this October Nightmare From North St. presents Escape the Nightmare! 16 acres of terror and horror in one location with two haunted attractions!

freddy_butcherAs Azoosment park closes down for the evening and all park employees leave, the Morbid Army rises from the every shadowed corner to take complete control of the park when the sun goes down! You never know what to expect around every corner and who might be lurking just beyond the darkness! If you survive the trail you will greeted by the Morbid Army in the Morbid Manor where the nightmare gets real as you face your fears in our cozy little manor! Remember to mind your manors in our Manor or you may just become the Special of the night. As you leave the Manor and you think the nightmare is over guess again as you make you way back to the Haunted Picnic Grove where you will be entertained as long as you don’t lose your head in the meantime!

Nightmare from North St. presents two all new attractions for 2014

Twisted Madness haunted Attraction

Twisted Madness haunted Attraction